Chair Pads Galore and More is an online outlet store that sells discounted latex foam cushions and textile home decor. To help you understand the condition of items listed for sale on this site, please read about our condition labeling guidelines.

First Quality

An item described as "First Quality" has passed quality control inspections and no flaws or defects were found.  Please note that all of our items are made by skilled sewers, not mass-produced by machine, and it is the nature of hand made goods to have slight differences in sillouette and finished dimensions.  Pattern placement varies.  First Quality goods are in new condition and may be on sale because they are overstock, clearance, seasonal, discontinued, or photo samples.

  • Overstock - These items are being sold at a discount because we made more of this item than we needed.
  • Clearance & Seasonal - These items are being sold at a discount to make room on the shelves for new patterns.
  • Discontinued - The items we have in stock in this pattern are the last items in this pattern available, we can no longer make more of these items because the fabric/materials are no longer available.  These items may be sold at full price or discounted.
  • Photo Samples - These items were made to be photographed for catalog listings and were not handled by live models during the photo shoot.  They are in new condition and have not been on display in the showroom, therefore they have not been handled by visitors or exposed to any open environments.  This category may also include one-of-a-kind items made to test a new fabric or design; because they are unique they may be priced at, above, or below prices for items in the regular line.


Factory Seconds

Factory Seconds are items which function normally and are quite usuable, which have minor cosmetic flaws or tiny defects that didn't pass inspection by our eagle-eyed quality control inspectors, but that would go unnoticed by most casual users. Following are some typical examples of conditions which would cause an item to be offered for sale at a discount as a Factory Second.

  • Tiny Holes - Fabrics with holes not much bigger than a millimeter, typically caused by needle punctures (guage 2).  Typically results from a seam, hem or tacking stitch being moved, fabric punctures are expected to remain visible on close inspection.
  • Fabric Flaw - A defect in the fabric from the fabric manufacturer. Typically this effects only one side of the cushion.  Examples might include a "weft" thread which is thicker, thinner, darker, lighter, or missing for a short distance; small areas where the printed pattern is lighter, darker, smudged or misprinted; small areas where the dye is darker, lighter or discolored. 
  • Dye Lot - Fabric is dyed in large batches by fabric manufacturers.  Natural textiles such as cotton may turn out a slightly different shade from batch to batch depending on circumstances beyond their control such as seasonal weather that affected the cotton crop that year.  If we receive a batch of fabric that is significantly different in shade from the product in our catalog, we may sell the dye lot separately at a discount. 
  • Showroom Floor Sample - These products were on display in a showroom and may have been handled by sales staff for demonstrations, but not used by consumers.  Product may show minor signs of handling including but not limited to: small scuff marks, pilling, wrinkles or creases. 
  • Irregular - Items which were not made to match the listed dimensions or features of the catalog.  For example, a valance with 2" rod pocket instead of a 1.5" rod pocket.  Alternately, irregular items may have very minor construction defects, such as a slightly crooked hem or a small pucker.